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Training – effective learning through experience affects a person’s attitude, values, perceptions and behavior. In order for that to change, the person must reflect on them and to have the willingness to work on these qualities. Patterns of behavior change more easily in a group, rather than in an individual environment.
Before we could change something about us, we must first change the way we perceive ourselves.
Trainings  encourage the participants’ activity through:
-    Various ways of interaction – our trainers have the theoretical knowledge and professional experience of working as business consultants;
-    Role-playing games, in which the participants develop skills for dealing with a possible business situation;
-    Many games and problem solving (the trainer is also involved in the problem solving activities and works on problems set by the trainees);
-    Discussions  for developing analyzing and problem solving skills;
-    Photo protocol;
-   Self-assessment tests;
-    Personal feedback ;
The courses are suited for:
Whoever wants to be more flexible and skilled in managing relationships.
Whoever wants to be more easily understood by others.
Whoever wants to comprehend human behavior and to flexibly adapt to situations, that demand the abilities to be influential, persuasive and a good negotiator.
Whoever in everyday life interacts with people and seeks to improve the level of understanding, respect, team work and to get peace of mind.
Whoever wants to develop time management skills and to control any distractions in the work environment.
Whoever thinks that the stress level is too high and feels the need to decrease it.