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Psychological consultation

Every individual has unique characteristics. People are different and therefore have different needs, behavior and motivation. Behavior is heavily influenced by personality and environment.
Our work with you involves analysis and interpretation of your unique characteristics, which result in your personal profile.Your behavior and attitude are described: your strengths and limitations; preferable work environment, so that a person’s potential can be fully applied; individual motivation and suitable management style; communicative, influence and sales skills; how to manage and help an employee to develop; defining training needs and possible directions for individual development; coping strategies for stress; changes in behavior and if changes occur, then how is the person behaving in the work environment; career directions; and many other characteristics, which are valuable for knowing -  how and when to motivate your staff.
A team of psychologists, who are internationally certified, takes care of the objectivity, correctness and professionalism of the finished reports (personal profiles).

Team audit

We all want to have a successful career, but that is impossible without having valuable relationships that give us satisfaction – both personal and professional. We are social beings and as such we need and we look for relationships with others. We have both personal and professional needs, which can be fulfilled only by interaction with other people in a group.
No other aspect of our human experiences is so emotionally charged. Nothing has greater importance on our lives as our relationships with other people.
When do you need a team audit? – When teams are not functioning well, and when the work strategies are contradicting the corporate culture; when there are either conflicts in the team or changes – some people are leaving, and new people are coming.
Consequently to our work with you, we make a profile of your real team and a profile for the ideal team (with the desired achievable characteristics); we look for the similarities and differences and we compare the two profiles (real versus ideal) and we create a strategy for achieving  success;  you will also receive an analysis (a list)of team roles and each person’s contribution to the team as a whole; team values; strengths and limitations; leader identification.

Organizational consultation – creating a profile of a business partner and outlining possible ways for cooperation, facilitation of communication and successfully completed tradings.
We use various techniques for analysis and speech, intonation and gaps interpretation, so that the communication goes swiftly and we achieve maximum success from the negotiations.

Therapeutic consultation – psychological help for solving a client’s problematic situation.