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Vesna Nencheva, consultant

Vesna has a master’s degree in social psychology and works as a consultant in the field of human resources development. Her professional interests lie in the field of personal profile analysis, recruitment and personnel selection, trainings, individual and group consulting. She has experience in management and lecturing on variety of subjects in correlation with management of human behavior.

Vesna Nencheva is a Thomas International, MBTI and Hogan Personal Inventory expert. In her work, she also applies her certified knowledge as a NLP practitioner. She also has experience in applying and interpreting results to many psychological methods for personality assessment and team audits. She works as a consultant in personnel recruitment: human job analysis, psychological testing, personal profile analysis, recommendations for line managers.

Vesna Nencheva works on the creating and conducting of team buildings and other outdoor activities. Team audits. Team consulting.

Bistra Mizova, consultant

Bistra Mizova has a PhD in social psychology. She is a lecturer in Sofia university “St. Kliment Ohridski”, “National academy for theatre and film arts” (NATFA), NBU.
Her professional interests are in the social psychology field, specifically in communication skills and media psychology, also in corporate culture and behavior, trainings.
She has over 20 publications in both scientific and popular Bulgarian magazines. She has participated in projects and trainings lead by employees from non government organizations, institutions and companies. She has experience as a trainer in many trainings on developing communication competency, decision making, team work, presentational skills etc.

Albena Kovatcheva, photographer and assistant director

Albena Kovatcheva starts studying photography in the only specialized school at that time in Bulgaria – “Julius Fu??k”. After that, she graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts, specializing in photography the Parisian university “Saint Denis”.
She works as a freelance photographer in Paris and Sofia, later she accidently meets the producers’ team of an international film production (“Chernata lyastovitsa” by Georgi Dyulgerov). This marks the beginning of her new professional and personal life path. For more than ten years Albena Kovatcheva has worked as an assistant-director on international film productions. Lately she has been working as a producer on small original projects as well.
Her new way of seeing photography as an expression is shaped by the importance of team work and communication
Her new way of seeing photography as an expression is shaped by the importance of team work and communication. Albena Kovatcheva has been part of the „Bis Bard” alliance for three years, which offers artistic outlets for children from difficult backgrounds. She has also been participating in the festival of memories “Goat milk”, which was held for a fifth time this year in the village Gorna Bela Rechka.

Ivanka Mavrodieva, trainer and coach

Vanya Mavrodieva is a PhD and lecturer in the philosophy department in Sofia university “St. Kliment Ohridksi”. She teaches public speaking, business communication and public relations, rhetoric, presentation skills, communication skills and her professional interests are in the field of personal coaching for managers in rhetoric and media behavior.

Vladimir Rizov, assistant

Vladimir studies Cinema studies in NPGPTO 'Lomonosov'. His professional interests are in the field of photography and because of this he is responsible for the photo protocol of conducted trainings and activities. His curiosity regarding social psychology and the understaning of human behaviour helps him in his position of an assistant trainer in the design and realization of team buildings.

He is also responsible for the maintenance of this website.